Is It Just Me?

14 07 2010

Is it just me or does anyone else turn into their 3 year old self when they are tired?

I am TIRED today.  I can barely keep my eyes open and as a result I am either mad or  want to cry.  There is no middle ground right now. And of course it happens when I can’t afford to go to sleep tonight.  I have to work on my mid-term. Oh joy.

Something else I do notice when I am tired is other people around me.  I am hyper-sensitive to how they act and handle themselves.  Case in point, when I am tired I realize my boss contains very few “leader” qualities.  He gets easily frustrated and instead of coaching staff on how to handle something, he get frustrated and just thinks having a meeting to yell at everyone is the answer.  When you try and ask him a question, he either cuts you off becuase he assumes he knows what you are going to say or he is distracted.  And by distracted I mean, checking his text messages or checking his email or surfing the internet.  He rarely looks at you when you are talking.  He also has this habit of not seeing the forest for the trees so to speak.  Example: I was showing him a spreadsheet to show the status of a project and instead of seeing the status, he zoomed in on a misspelled word.  If this was a document that was going to be presented that wouldn’t be there but this was my personal docuemnt to help me see where I am.  And I told him about one person specifically on the list and then literally 2 minutes later I walk into his office and he asks about this person’s status after I JUST told him. 

Another issue with him, he assumes and generalizes and basically has his own warped truth.  He accused me of being a procrastinator on this project.  Excuse me!!!  Did I not just show you a spreadsheet where I was trying to get guests all the way through the middle of September and do I not have more than 50% of those spots already filled up.  And am I not already planning 2 events months in advance?  And have I not been on the phone playing kiss ass to people all day even though you tell me I am never on the phone and should pick it up more.  You sir can……well I  think I need to settle down.  Possibly this is lack of sleep.

Oh and why we are basing on the male race.  Thanks go to my ex-husband who lasted a whole 2 hours before he had to go ask me if I was hitting on a friend of OUR because I posted something on this guys Facebook wall about  grabbing a drink next time he is in town.  I’m sorry, but were we not all friends and was this guy not the one who gave me a shoulder to cry on when we were having problems?  You sir, can…….yep I need to go home and relax.




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