What is Different This Week

13 07 2010

I am off my game this week.  When it comes to school, I am right on.  I am getting my work done and not putting things off, but when it comes to my diet, I just can’t seem to get into it. This always happens…one week good, the next bad.  I keep saying tomorrow I can get it together but it doesn’t happen. Well, I guess tomorrow I can get it together!!  I must must MUST get this done.  The only thing I didn’t do was really plan out every bite that went into my mouth.  I am going to say that is the difference.

So, the car is stuck in Houston.  I got all excited and now it is stuck at the port and isn’t being released!  Don’t they know that I need my new addition?  We are hoping that it is going to be released Thursday or Friday.  Turns out there is some legal thing (or as my SA says legal bs) that is keeping it there.  The only good thing is that NO 2011 A3 TDIs are getting out.  And of course like a good SA he tell me that when it does come I really will have a one of a kind car.  I know I will in the DFW area and right now, until more are ordered, it will be a one of a kind in the US.  Look at me go.  🙂  I am so excited!!




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