WARNING: Crazy Week Ahead

12 07 2010

Whoa, this week is going to kill me and it hasn’t even started yet!

1.  Midterm week around these parts.  I have the normal work to do as well as a midterm paper to write.  It has to be done by Friday so I am going to try and get all of my work done this week so I can finally relax and just do nothing this weekend. And yes, I am already planning for the weekend on Monday.

2.  I must get moving in regards to some work projects.  Gotta find that money so to speak (ok, not so to speak but rather quite literally).  Events to plan, guests to find, clients to help, websites to build.  It is a lot of go, go, go, which is hard when…

3.  THE CAR IS HERE!!!  Well not here here, but it is on it’s way here from Houston and the keys should be in my hand tomorrow or Wednesday.  I hopefully can go see it this afternoon.  That is all I am thinking about. It is like Christmas for me.  I can’t wait to see it.  Remember, I have never even see one that looks like this so I have only pictures to reference. 

4.  I went all vegetarian last week and lost 1 pound (way more in my Wednesday post) but this week I need a little more energy and am adding more easy to find lean protiens in. Partially because I am craving it and partially because I have almost no time to cook this week with all of the homework and I need to find things that are fast to eat. 

5.  I have a meeting for my club to plan for next week.  I could put it off till this weekend but I would at least like to think about it and come up with a great topic.  We have awards for roles and I really want to win.  What can I say, I make everything a competition.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!  I have so much more to write stored up but this post is probably too long and I need to get back to staring out the window waiting fo rmy car work.




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