Weigh In Wednesday

7 07 2010

I have followed this weekly topic when people were doing it as Weight Watchers Wednesday, I never posted on it but I followed it and used it as my benchmark.  Well part of my 101 is to lose the weight that has creeped up and I need to really start holding myself accountable.  What better way than to post my progress for the world to see! Thanks to b.e.g whom I was following in my former blog life for reminding me of this weekly post.  It helped just when I needed it.

So I have not started running again.  I am going to try to add that to my routine in the next few days.  Funny enough, I got the inspiration to get back into it from my ex-husband (betcha didn’t know I came with one of those!).  Without making this about him, he is a SSgt. in the Army and had always been very physically fit and active, me not so much.  We were talking today and he mentioned he was running the Marine Corp Marathon.  That is something I never would have imagined him doing.  I figured if he can run a marathon, I can get my butt back in gear and do the 5k and work up to a 10k.  Strange after all these years he still takes on the job of inspiring me and helping me. I will also be joining the gym next week. I want to be that fit person.

Food wise, I have been good since getting back on the wagon.  I created my weekly menu and have been following it pretty well.  I have planned out every bite that crosses my lips.  I know it is pretty strict but it is what is needed right now.  If it is all planned, I can make no excuses.  So here is the dinner menu for the week.  If anyone wants the whole thing or recipes, I will be more than happy to send it on. They are all Weight Watchers recipes. I do my recipes Sunday – Saturday.  Sunday was my 4th of July dinner so I didn’t put it on here.

Monday: Brisket, grilled zucchini, salad

Tuesday: Mushroom and onion quesadilla, salad

Wednesday: Succotash Wrap

Thursday: Salad at meeting

Friday: Spinach and Blue Cheese calzone

Saturday: Dinner out with friends

I am also drinking over 2 liters of water a day.  All of this brought on a 3 pound weight loss!  Yea me!!




One response

26 07 2010
cest yeux bruns

Seriously? I didn’t know my posts were helpful to anyone! And btw – the blue cheese and spinach calzone – any way I could get my hands on that recipe? It sounds DIVINE!

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