Soapbox moment

6 07 2010

Now approaching the soap box.. The Lazy Perfectionist!!

My dear readers, lurkers, and just people I wish would get a clue…..

If you are going to blatantly copy a recipe out of a magazine or book and not change one thing, or add a dash of something, PLEASE just come clean and quote the source!  I ALWAYS quote my source.  Even if I use the recipe as a jumping off point to make my own creation, I always give props to the source, list the original recipe and then my modifications.

Seriously, don’t copy a recipe and then claim in your “food” blog as your own.  It will come back to bite you in the butt.

Same goes for ideas for a post, pictures for your post, great sayings, and deep thought borrowed from others.  It is OK if you don’t have all original ideas but just credit those that gave you inspiration.

Yes, I checked out a “friend’s” blog tonight and she posted a recipe from a Weight Watchers cookbook and posted it as her own.  To make it even better, this cookbook was “borrowed” from me and never returned.  I had to by a new copy to replace it.  Thanks bunches!!!!

Rant over.




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