My Favorite Time of the Year

5 07 2010

It hit me like the boom of the fireworks last night.  I LOVE the 4th o July!  I think it is my favorite holiday.  Crazy talk when you think there is no big huge food feast, no presents, and no “season” so to speak.  But, I love the fact that it is a fun holiday.  One you can spend with friend and family and just laugh and enjoy the day.  One where we all as Americans get to celebrate something that unites us; where we can celebrate the continued success of the great experiment called democracy.  As a US history and government buff, I am in absolute heaven.  The only sad part of the day for me was that I wasn’t in DC this year to sit by the Washington monument and sit with my jaw dropped at the amazing fireworks.  But the next best thing was sitting out on my front porch and being able to see not one, but four shows going on as well as individuals setting off fireworks.  At one point it literally looked like fireworks going off all across the horizon in perfect harmony.

I am already planning what to do for next 4th of July!!




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