Mandatory Separation

3 07 2010

Today was a good day.  I am completely tired. Running shoes are NOT standing and walking shoes.  After 8 hours on my feet, my arches are shot.  But, it was worth it.  The pictures I took are on my phone so they will have to wait.

The best purchase was the vendor who has old linens.  I am a tablecloth junkie. I love love love them.  So I was able to pick up about 6 for cheap.  Some I have to clean up but it should all be worth it.  I use old table clothes to change the look of my kitchen for pennies.  I use them for theme dinners, holiday, and when I am hand washing dishes.  I also found a bed, but it was in the quilt shop and wasn’t for sale. 😦 It was perfect but it was not to be.  the shop owner did tell me how to start looking for them so I am going to now start scoping out flea markets and estate sales to see what I can score.

I am still a little bitter about certain people in my life so I am still on mandatory separation from them.  I think will be a while before they are back around me.  For some reason, I just get upset whenever I think about them.  And that confirms I need to not be around them for a while.

Picture day tomorrow!!




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