Hanging at the Office

1 07 2010

Can I just say how freaking good it feels to step away from the herd and do my own thing?  The hardest part if deciding not to do things with “the group” is that I feel bad and for no reason.  I am a yes person and it is hard for me to say no.  I feel like I have to explain myself.  I’m trying to get better though. Tonight was in my opinion, bad-fake-disco-band concert and the friends are heading off to enjoy.  Not my cup of coffee.  To be honest, you would have to spike my coffee or throw out the cofee and just pour a strong drink in the cup to make me go.  Instead I am heading to my usual Thursday night meeting to eat a salad and enjoy a different crowd.

I am amazed that this week as flown by!  About 10 more work hours and then a 3 day weekend  a.k.a. threee days to get caught up on school work, housework, and work work so I can walk in on Tuesday and not feel behind.  Of course, Friday night I am staying at the parentals and Saturday is Canton so I am staying at the parentals on Saturday night too (unless I just feel like driving 45 minutes home after walking all day). I guess that means I can catch up on homework and work work on Friday night and Saturday and then on Sunday and Monday work on housework.  Don’t you like how I plan out my weekend schedule in a blog post? 🙂

Off to battle traffic in the Big D.  I promise soon to have a post with a little more interest in it.




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