Canton Here I Come!

28 06 2010

I have made the executive decision to go to Canton this weekend for First Monday!!

On the shopping agenda (yea, one day I will do that spending hiatus) are items to start/finish the guest bedroom or my bedroom.

To find…

Bed.  I love this one. Heck, I love the blanket trunk as well.

Image c/o Flickr

Maybe a nice quilt.  I fell in LOVE with the quilt on Sarah’s House on HGTV.

Thank you so much for the picture!

I have the bookcase in my head  just can’t find it.  I might have to get my friend’s husband to make it for me if I can’t find one.    What I need to do is go through all of my inspiration bedroom pictures and try and find my theme.  I am also taking my camera to Canton and will be hopefully posting pictures of some of the good, the bad, and the just plain fugly.




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