You Can Always Go Home

27 06 2010

Well the friend event today did not go well.  I probably spoke all of five minutes while I was there for three hours.  I just can’t talk about marriage, babies and people complaining that people they work with, specifically their bosses, are stupid and can’t do their jobs.  Sure I sometimes think that others around me don’t know how to do their jobs but honestly, I don’t know everything about their jobs so how can I fairly say that.

After the event failure, I went to the parental’s and here I sit.  Hanging with my puppy, enjoying intelligent conversation, and taking a break from the BS.  It is a great way to spend a Sunday night.  It makes me miss home and being around family.  This was just what I needed after a not so perfect weekend.

I was supposed to go to a concert with the friends on Thursday but I am going to cancel out and go to my meeting. How bad is it when I would rather hang at Toastmasters instead of dealing with the friends?  I really don’t care though.  I need a break.  As it stands I was supposed to host the next dinner at my house but I am going to respectfully decline.  I just need a break.  I get tired of being treated like a third class citizen at times.

So for Fourth of July I will be going with my mother to Canton to look for a few hidden gems for the house and enjoying my solitude.  It actually sounds like a grand plan to me.  Heck, I might even take a technology break and back away from the computer.  We shall see.




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