You Should Be Dancin’

25 06 2010

There is a saying either from an Country song or just from the bar… “you can take the girl out of the honkey tonk but you can’t take the honkey tonk out of the girl”.

You have no idea how true that saying is.  I spent my formative years in smokey bars, two-stepping the night away, sneaking beers in the bathroom until I was old enough to drink, hanging with bar friends (some of who I can still say are friends outside of the bar today), and generally just enjoying the here and now.  Heck, I even caught myself my own cowboy and married him for a brief moment in time (that sentence has an inside joke in it….if you knew me you would laugh).  Those were the years when I could eat whatever I wanted and actually worried about getting too thin because I was literally dancing 4-5 hours 4 nights a week.

Well somewhere along the way, I grew up, stopped spending my nights in my Rockies and boots and become an adult.  Yet, every now and then I feel the pull.  I miss the laughs and the dancing and being able to just be me.

As I was sitting at home on yet another Friday night, I started missing the person I was back then and how self confident and bold I was.  I miss that me so much sometimes.  That was the me that would go out at night to dance by myself and not worry about it.  I am not sure I would be able to do that anymore.

I decided to go into my closet and try on my jeans and see how bad it had gotten.  Well let’s just say those Rockies are not hanging on my closet door as my first inspiration piece of clothing to get into during the weight loss. Once I get into those, I want to go out dancing and listen to music and just enjoy.




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