Tidbit Tuesday

22 06 2010
  • City Girl DC wrote a great post on settling in marriage.  As a person who is as single as one can be, I completely agree with her post.  Funny, that my friends and I never agree on this.  I have even been told by my married good friends that I need to stop being so picky and learn to let some things go and “settle”.  WTF!!!  No thank you!!  I am a successful 3o something woman who has built a life by herself.  I don’t want a man to come into my life who doesn’t respect what I do, who doesn’t see me as an equal, who doesn’t stimulate me and make me think.  Basically, I would rather be single than put up with someone who bores me or takes me for granted.
  • I got 8 hours of sleep!!!  But I still felt blah at work today.
  • How is the heck do you turn down birthday cake at the office!!!
  • So Saturday is the birthday dinner of my friend’s husband.  An ex was also invited.  Not that he and his fiancee will be showing up but it is an incentive to make sure I look my best.  I know you aren’t supposed to hate people but I REALLY dislike the ex and the gold digger. Part of me wishes they would show up but I know after the crap they (she) pulled with a few people it just won’t happen.
  • Why do I think my car dealer just isn’t liking me?  Not that it matters but seriously dude, keep the thrill of the sale up until you actually make the sale.  The sale is not a done deal and even though I want the car, I have no problems turning it down losing my deposit and moving on to your competitor.  Is me asking for an update on the car once every two week too much to ask?
  • Please people at the office, learn to do your job and stop asking me to do it. The growing pains are getting to be pretty  bad.  I am sensing a “talk” on Thursday.
  • The week is flying by.  Heck, the month is flying by.  Please make it slow down!!



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