Back on the WW Wagon

16 06 2010

As I inhaled my second Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookie I realized I was no longer following the WW way. Yes, I completely know that is a “No shit sherlock!!” comment but you know sometimes I just have to say them.

I am tired of losing the same 6-7 pounds and regaining 8. It has to stop. I have been doing the online program and we can see how much that has helped the size of my butt. SO…..after reading Grits’ post on her success on WW I decided to get my butt moving and change to a meeting program. I plan on going on Saturday mornings with this Saturday being the first one. I haven’t stepped foot in a meeting for over 10 years. It has to be done. To be COMPLETELY honest, my weight is why I don’t date or put myself out there to date.  I gained between my healthiest and today almost 75 pounds.  I don’t feel my best and can’t feel good about dating.  I know that any guy who wants to date me should like me for me regardless of the weight but what about when I don’t?

I also have been surrounded by amazing stories of weight loss success around me lately and I so want to add my story to that.

So I am on the wagon and I will be posting each week on my success to hold myself accountable.  I’ll also start posting my menus again and some of my better recipes.  Weight loss here I come!




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