How to Lose a Week in Five Minutes

15 06 2010

I was doing so well with my school work (shut up, yes it has only been 2 weeks but still!!) I was caught up and staying up on my reading and still able to indulge in my summer TV addiction.  I happened  to log in at work today to schedule my week to use office resources to print my weekly reading.  I happened to look at one of the course calendars and realized I was off a week and had a quiz and a simulation exercise due YESTERDAY!!  OH FUDGE!!! I ended up staying at work till 7:30 working on school work since none of the programs for this class seem to work with my Mac.  I came home and have been trying to catch up on reading until just now. My eyes hurt and I am freaking tired.  So tomorrow, instead of enjoying happy hour and dinner out with friends, I will again be reading to try and catch up.  Then reading all the way to Austin for work on Thursday.  That should get me back to caught up.  My eyes hurt just thinking about it.  Oh well, Mangia on Thursday will be a good reward for losing my eye sight.

On a lighter note, I was checking on another favorite blog on my Reader and was admiring a pair of shoes and thinking that I would love to find those.  Um, yea smartie, why don’t you walk down the hall to your closet and open up the box.  Yes, Boston can’t come soon enough.  I am going to be brain mush before then.




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