Spending Hiatus FAIL

14 06 2010

Well, back to square one.

I failed BIG time on the spending break.  I blame it on Monday and on not freaking checking my calendar.  Had I checked my calendar Sunday night to see what I had going on today, I would have realized that I had an afternoon meeting at the lawyers’ office in Downtown.  I then wouldn’t have dressed in my casual comfy dress and would have actually gotten dressed better.  Since a drive home is about an hour and a half round trip, that was out of the question.  So I had to go get something to wear.  And I happened to also find a dress I have been looking at on clearance and a good basic black dress.  It was a good trip and what I got is staples that I can use so oh well.  I was probably going to break it anyway and get a new phone this month.  This means I will start up in July.  Of course, the new car is not going to be part of the hiatus since I have already committed to it.

Other than that, it was a good Monday.  I just wish I could have gotten more on my game earlier.  This has taught me a lesson to ALWAYS check my calendar and to make sure my phone calendar is synced up.




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