101 in 1001 Update – Week 3

13 06 2010

So this week I kind of just let it all go.

I didn’t really think about any of the goals this week…or rather any of the ones I was had not started.

26.  Belated party – working on planning it.  I have let everyone know and I am planning on sometime in July.

29.  It was talked about and I think I have a traveling partner but right now I just can’t afford it.

45.  Spending hiatus – Oh so hard, but so far so good.  The next post I do it probably going to be a Lust List post.

47.  New Restaurants – Oh, I did one this week!!  I finally got to Urban Crust in downtown Plano.  The Urban Rita drink sounds strange, but it rocks!

49. International Trip – Started planning this one.  Not the original one I was thinking of but it still might be fun.

54.  Hold an office – Done!!!  I was officially elected in this week.

60.  Make a new friend – Done!!!

83.  Budget – I went over on my food budget. 😦 Back to square one.

And that is it.  🙂




One response

14 06 2010

Wow, you’ve completed some of your goals already! That’s brilliant.

Food budgeting is one I should add to my list – although I’m quite rubbish at it!

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