Friday Night Fun

12 06 2010

Well another Friday night has come and gone.  It had its ups and it had its downs.

Major up….my baby Christine hit 150,000 miles!!  Yes for some that is a blah moment but for me, to put that many miles on a car is pretty wicked.  (thanks House Hunters episode for bringing that word back to my vocabulary).  I put all but probably 500 of those miles on it.  I still love my car and when the new one comes, my baby will get a break.  But, she will go until she can’t go any more and I then she will be donated to a good cause.  The goal is to get another 50,000 out of her at least.

A few friends and I went to a local pub.  It has one that has been in the news but you will have to figure it out on your own.  It was good people watching but I got a little tired of the company.  Sometimes I feel like because I am unmarried, single, and without kids what I say is discounted by my friends.  Seriously, I started saying shit just to say it and see if anyone heard it….nope.  Oh well, one bad night out of the four out isn’t that bad of an average.

Tomorrow is sleep in, study, World Cup, and then out with the old set of friends.  Then I am off the going out market for a little bit.  I am getting worn out!!  As a very introverted person, all of this going out is taking its toll on me.

Well bed time for me!!




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