How Do you Do It?

10 06 2010

I pose that question to people on how can they have a social life in Dallas and not go broke or get an ass the size of a barn door.  I do not hide the fact that one of my favorite things it food.  I also know that I have enjoyed it a little too much in the past and now I am paying to lose it.  How do you lose and still enjoy dining out and spending time with friends!?!

Last night I met up with a friend at Nick and Sam’s Grill for happy hour and dinner.  Tonight I have my meeting (which is always held at a restaraunt), tomorrow night drinks and dinner with friends at Shops at Legacy (craving a cold beer), and Saturday dinner and drinks with yet another set of friends at Watter’s Creek.  Needless to say any hope of counting WW points went out the window yesterday.  I am going to have to stick with Vodka Martinis or wine which are both 2 points.  But the food!!  How do I handle the food!! 

And let’s not forget the expense of all of this eating out.  This is where I am really going to have to rework the budget to account for my new found social life.  Not that it is a hard problem, but just one of those things I dind’t account for.   This is where the eating out of the pantry and freezer as well as learning to drink water to fill up and not eat so much during the day is going to come into play. 

Oh well, that was a good brain fart for the afternoon, now back to work and trying to accomplish something before the day is done.

As a side note, I have got a few hits on my 101 in1001 journey.  I am planning on linking back to some of them as well this weekend as well as adding a blog roll of some of my favorite stalk spots in the bloggy world.




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