101 in 1001 Update – Week Two

6 06 2010

On a scale of 1 to 10, this week was a 7.  Not amazing but not a downer.

1.  Graduate – Well classes started up and I am really trying to stay on top of my work load and not let things get behind.  I have a Current Events review to do this afternoon so I have a few things to do today.  Tomorrow my other class starts.  Joy, joy.

11.  Clean out garage for two cars.  DONE!!!!  My dad came over on Memorial Day and helped me get the garage cleaned out and ready to go. Bring on the new car!

35. Complete my CC.  I gave my third of 10 speeches this week.  I am already working on my 4th one and I am going to request to do it the first week in July.

45. 2 month spending hiatus.  Doing good.  I actually went out yesterday and did some returns of things I didn’t really need.  I got back about $200.  I have had to buy a school book and  a WSJ 15 week subscription for school so that is needed and doesn’t count.

54.  Hold a group office.  Well I was “nominated” for the position of Secretary in my group.  I wasn’t expecting it and was planning on doing it after graduation, but hey, it happened and I want to do it so why not.

82 and 83. Budget.  I am following my current budget but I am not sure how realistic it is.  It is pretty restrictive.  I might be making modifications, but to be honest I am not sure where there is space for modification.




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