3 Day weekend curse

31 05 2010

I seriously think there is a curse of the 3 day weekend.

First, it feels like Sunday. I mean, I would swear it was Sunday. I think it is because I went out and ENJOYED my Saturday a little too much and ended up sleeping most of Sunday to recoup. So today, I did everything I usually do on Sunday. I cleaned the house, went to the grocery store (yes, there will be a 101 that I do not do this week), I mowed the lawn, my parents came over and we cleaned out the garage, and then we cooked out. It was a wonderful day of getting things done and family.

Second, having this extra day off is making me want to have the week off. I finally started working on projects today and now I want to continue them. Oh, and for some reason I am dreading going back to work. Not sure why but I think it is just so much I have to do and none of it really interests me right now. I guess the end of the school year fever is hitting me a little too. I hope it will get better. I have to just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and making it through each day.

I know it will get better and tomorrow will be good but right now I just want to keep enjoying the day. Tomorrow I am going to start getting up in the morning to work out before work. It is just getting too hot to do it after work anymore. It will also give me time after work to do the crazy amounts of school work that will be hitting me this semester.




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