101 in 1001 – Week One Update

30 05 2010

So this week has been interesting to say the least.  I have been preparing to do a few of the items on the list and I even did one that I forgot was on there.

33.  Eat out of pantry and freezer for one week.  This one I am starting today.  The goal is one week but I actually hope to do it for more time than that.  It will help me save money and work towards…

82 & 83 that are about my budget and sticking to it.  It will also help with 25 and 45.

The big one is that the spending hiatus is on for June and July.  It will help me save a little more for the car in August. I guess I won’t get any new shorts this summer. 😦  But that is OK, I really don’t need them.  I might have one pair still left and I have my workout shorts.  I don’t wear shorts that often anyway and I only wear them around the house.

I did complete one item on the list on Friday.

92. Buy a new black purse.  I put this one on the list because I have been looking for over a year for a good basic black purse.  I have a hard time finding purses that I like.  I went on Friday to return a shirt and use my Nordstrom Notes up and on the way out I decided to stop by the purses to see what was on sale.  Of course none of the sale purses really spoke to me.  I was looking at a Cole Haan and gravitated over to the kate spade’s again and knew I didn’t want to spend that much then.  The sales clerk came over to me and said they did have some a black kate spade on sale.  It was funny because she said it in a low voice like I was buying drugs or something.  It was even secretive on where it was; they didn’t have it out on the table, it was under the table out of site.  It got me wondering what other goodies they were hiding under the table.  So out came the purse and was a great work purse.  Simple, black patent leather and roomy.  




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