Most Needed Three Day Weekend EVER!

28 05 2010

This weekend could not come at a better time. I must must MUST get out of this office and away from these people. 

Please excuse me while I let out some much-needed frustration with my present place of employment.  I am 7 months away from my MBA. I have a pretty good employment track record, I have run operations for numerous operations, I have worked financial magic on companies, I have made pretty profits for owners on the sale of their business which I built up.  Now, I am being treated like a frickin’ secretary.  They have me making lunch appointments, checking voicemail, setting phone conferences.  WHAT THE FUCK!!!!  This is not what I signed up for.  The carrot they keep dangling in front of my face to get me to stay here is starting to mold and rot folks.  Sure, some people would be OK with doing those things in the scope of their job or to help out but I have been around this particular group for too long to know that the minute I start doing that, I am doomed to be there permanently.

I also have my job period.  I have no love life, I have no kids, I put my focus on my accomplishments and how I grow my career.  And to be pushed back 12 years in my career is not where I ever want to be.  But this fucking economy has dashed my job search and even when I spent 6 months looking I couldn’t find a damn thing.  I guess it is back to the job search drawing board to figure out some stuff. 

My meeting last night couldn’t have come at a better time.  The whole topic that we used was how to create your personal marketing plan and how to get out there and promote yourself.  Very good timing if I do say so myself.  I also got called on to do an on the fly speech and answer a question that I dread.  I just need to keep answering the “Tell me What you Do?” question over and over out loud and get comfortable with it.  I am a writer not a speaker right now but I think that if I write out a 60 second blurb I will be able to memorize the jest of it and get something down to tell people. Once I have that then I should be able to go out and conquer the world of networking and maybe find a job where I am not calling to confirm lunch appointments.




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