3,587th Time is the Charm

15 05 2010

Does anyone else but me eat their final meal before jumping back on the weight loss battle? Tonight was my meal.

Somehow I slipped off the weight loss track….AGAIN.  I knew I needed to lose a little weight but it didn’t really hit me until I went to the doctor and noticed on my paperwork they wrote obese…not overweight, obese.  I never thought I was that bad.  However thinking about it, I realize I gained almost 65 pounds over the last 10 years. It is true that it slipped up on me.  Now I get to seriously apply myself and make it happen.

That means this weekend, I will be cleaning the house to get my environment back where it should be.  Menu planning is also going to be back in full effect.  I am not going to try to fight to be something I am not though.  I am going to realize that I don’t cook during the week.  If it can’t be heated up or cooked in 10 minutes, it isn’t for me.  So on Sunday, it is food prep and cook day.

I am back on the no sugar track again.  Giving up sugar I have found is just like giving up nicotine.  The first three days are killers but you have to get it out of your system. And you can not give in to cravings. Thinking of no sugar, I think I might go back to no caffeine as well. I slept better, it was cheaper, and I drank more water.

I will be lacing up my running shoes again and getting back on the program. I want to and I am determined to finish the Couch to 5K program and get back to running to help me lose some of this weight.

Good luck to me!




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