New Blog

12 05 2010

This is probably the 10th reiteration of a blog.  I have a few lurking out there but I got tired of not being able to blog in an environment that is a little more anonymous. Yes, I know nothing is completely anonymous but this is more of a fresh start.  A new chapter of my life so to speak.

I started to have IRL friends following my blog.  Yea, great!!  Yea, not so much.  I got tired of writing so I wouldn’t piss off the friends.  Not that I ever plan to write things to piss off people but my friends and I lead different lives and sometimes they can be a little judgmental.

So heres to new beginnings!

I am also going to be adding some of my favorite posts from my old blog, time permitting.  It like combining old and new to make something great.




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